Invasion II Steerable
Main Parachute
TPDS-INV-II-402 or 403XL

The TPDS Invasion II Steerable Main Parachute is a 35’ diameter parabolic Troop Back Parachute with anti-inversion netting. It is also available in a larger 42’ diameter version for the heavier leaded jumper. Both INV-402 & INV-403 XL have venting with anti-inversion netting to optimize the rate of descent and to minimize oscillation. Both have 28 gores and block construction using low porosity, high UV resistant rip-stop nylon fabric. Two control lines are attached to the outside suspension line, line 5 and line 24, to provide turning capability.

The Invasion II 402 and Invasion II 403 XL both provide the capability to safely deliver airborne soldiers with individual equipment from an aircraft in-flight for vertical assault. The system features a static line deployment. It is limited to use in winds not to exceed 35 knots at altitude and 16 knots at the surface.

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