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Tactical Parachute
 Delivery Systems

Heavy Load Tactical tandem with drouge

Tactical Parachute Delivery Systems is today’s modern military equipment. TPDS provides modern parachute systems, training, and associated equipment to 5 of the 7 continents.

TPDS has specialized in modern military equipment to give customers the chance to attain top performance in any mission. Led by 40 years’ experience and an ex-military, we know the demands of the customer. TPDS has focused on strength of experience, to create a state of the art Research and Development system. Through R & D TPDS have created a superior line of products, training regime, and a thorough customer support procedure, to ensure TPDS customers have all tools necessary to appropriately use our products. TPDS can assure our customer that we have the modern piece of equipment for the modern mission of today.

Through research, TPDS has uncovered some imperfections in previously available products. TPDS successfully addressed these imperfections and in the process, has spared nothing in the design, searched for the highest quality materials, and the result is a line of modern equipment with unparalleled performance and durability. This vast line of products provides TPDS customers with the opportunity to look no further for any product desired.

TPDS has the broadest line of modern military equipment in the industry. We provide modern military equipment for the modern soldier.