Heavy Load Tactical
Reserve Parachute

The TPDS Heavy Load Tactical Reserve Parachute is a medium aspect ratio nine (9) cell ram-air parachute suited for the demands of heavy load operations. The HLT Reserve is designed and tested for heavy load tactical missions where HAHO and HALO will be utilized. This reserve will meet the critical operational demands of heavy load missions and has a superior safety and performance history. Made of 1.1 oz 0-3 cfm ripstop nylon.

Size     Maximum Weight

  • 300     424 lbs./192 kg.
  • 320     451 lbs./205 kg.
  • 340     479 lbs./217 kg.
  • 360     506 lbs./230 kg.
  • 380     534 lbs./242 kg.
  • 400     561 lbs./254 kg.
  • 420     588 lbs./267 kg.

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