Cargo Parachute Container System

The TPDS-G-12 64ft (21.3 M) Cargo Parachute Container System was developed to create a competitive edge not only against the competition of TPDS but against the opposing troops. The G-12 is 1/3rd of the weight of the competition which allows one troop to easily handle the complete Cargo Parachute Container System. Additionally to the weight, the pack volume is also 1/3rd the size of the competition. But the most important is the care of your cargo, the fully loaded rate of decent is 26 FPS. (7.9 M/s.). These characteristics make for a superb choice for any Military Unit.

Deployment options

  • Static Line Drogue Assist

Highlighted Features of the G-12

  • 64’ Parabolic Canopy
  • Complete System weight of 64 LBS. (29.5 KG.)
  • 2500 LBS (1135 KG.) Max Cargo Load
  • 26 FPS. (7.9 M/s) Rate of Decent

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