Cargo Parachute Container System

The TPDS-G-10 42ft (12.8m) Cargo Parachute Container System was developed to maximize the cargo capacity to the size of canopy. After a rigorous Research & Development the TPDS-G-10 came to be what it is today. The G-10 provides a 800 LBS. (362.8 KG.) max payload at 27 FPS. (8.2 M/s) and the complete TPDS-G-10 Cargo Parachute Container System comes in at a weight of 30 LBS. (13.6 KG.). The G-10 allows your Military units to use the same packing techniques as your troops use for static line troop equipment. The G-10 is the ultimate all around Cargo Delivery Equipment suited for any Military Unit.

Deployment options

  • Static Line Drogue Assist
  • Direct Bag Static Line

Highlighted Features of the G-10

  • 42’ Parabolic Canopy
  • Complete System weight of 30 LBS. (13.6 KG.)
  • 800 LBS (362.8 KG.) Max Cargo Load
  • 27 FPS. (8.2 M/s) Rate of Decent

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