Invasion II
Personnel System

The Invasion II is designed for static line operations with a single operator. The Invasion II is Foreign Object Debris (FOD) free Airborne Harness Container System designed to accommodate any size jumper with any aircraft commonly used in the military airborne operations. It can be used without the use of 80# break tape to insure a debris-free rigging and drop zone area.


  • Can be paired with the TPDS-RRH-800 Cargo Bag or
    TPDS-860-200 Personal Cargo Drop Harness
  • Cotton Line Stows or Rubber Bands
  • Velcro Apex Connector or 80# Break Tape
  • Velcro Riser or 80# Break Tape
  • Reserve Container Pilot Chute
  • Gear Bag
  • Main Closing (Flex Pin, Static Line, 80# Break Tape)
  • Reserve Handle (Center Pull or Right Pull)

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