Cargo Container System (G11)

Cargo Parachute Container System TPDS-G-11

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The TPDS-G-11 98ft (29.9m) Cargo Parachute Container System was developed to create a competitive edge not only against the competition of TPDS but against the opposing troops. The G-11 is 1/3rd of the weight of the competition product, which allows two troop to easily handle the complete Cargo Parachute Container System, others systems could take three or four troops. Additionally to the weight, the pack volume is also 1/3rd the size of the competition. But the most important is the care of your cargo, the fully loaded rate of decent is 21 FPS. (6.4 M/s.). These characteristics make for a superb choice for any Military Unit.

Highlighted Features of the G-11

  • Complete System weight of 90 LBS. (41 KG.)
  • 5,000LBS (2268 KG.) Max Cargo Load
  • 21 FPS. ( 6.4 M/s) Rate of Decent

Deployment Option

  • Static Line Drogue Assist