Double Zipper

The TPDS Double Zipper Jumpsuit is designed especially for military applications. It may be ordered as a Tactical Jumpsuit to be worn for HAHO or HALO jumping missions, or used as an uniform for flight or ground crews. The double zippers run from the neck to the ankle and is easily put on over any uniform and boots.

The pleated back, elastic waist band, and knit cuffs assure a comfortable fit while the reinforced knees, nylon cuffs, and collar assure durability. The durable zippered pockets may be ordered for the arm/ shoulder, thigh, and/or chest. This jumpsuit is comfortable, functional, and affordable.


  • Numerous Color Options Available
  • Thermal Insulated Lining
  • Zippered Arm/Shoulder, Thigh, and/or Chest Pocket
  • Velcro for Name and Rank Tags
  • Elastic Ankle Cuffs
  • Gripper; Outside Arms & Legs- Available in Flat or Round Style Grips

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